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Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow Review

You can comb through the top-of-the-line pillow market for the best options by narrowing down a comfortable, supportive and malleable pillow. It helps keep restless, wakeful nights and a grumpy awakening at bay.

Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow Reviews

Don’t let the glitter sandbag you, peel layers beneath for a magical construction with a supportive hug that’s adaptable to all sleeping positions. Our well-thought-out Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow Review captures bedroom dividends of investing in natural materials.

The pillow boasts an inner core of supportive, solid natural duck down and feather enfolded by an ultra-soft cotton cover. Hyper-clean duck down and allergen-free fabric repellent to dust, dirt, and impurities render sniffle-free comfort and support.

Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow Review| 5 Major Features

1. Unique Pillow-in-a-Pillow Design

Traditionally, a down pillow only meant a draping and squishy cushion for your head to settle in with modicum-to-no-support. A paradigm shift in the beddings world now brings pads with exclusively designed inner cores. They hand out a variety of styles or shapes for specialized reinforcement and comfort.

Double Down Around pillow-in-a-pillow construction packs an internal load of feathers for full reinforcement across entirely. The down filling envelopes the pillow for flossy support seams varied by the volume of feathers inside.

With a higher feathers volume, the pad has bulk, weight, and steadiness as well as firmer support. The design connotes plumped up feathers encapsulated in a breathable coating of down for lavish comfort.

2. Ultra-Plush 100% Cotton Barrier Weave Fabric

The 300 thread-count symbolizes a top-of-the-line breed of fabric with luxurious relaxation and buttery-soft luster. 300TC tightly woven cotton twill boasts outstanding durability.

It’s specially stitched to form a barrier weave and down-proof shell that constrains feathers from sneaking out. The cotton twill has a more delicate, softer feel and more enduring construction for durability and natural care. Navy blue cording stitched into the exterior seam adds a chic style to its draping.

The queen pillow set also possesses a 1.5-inch gusset, a ribbon-shaped knot of fabric around the edge. It creates space for the down and feathers to maintain loft to the very ends of your favorite soon-to-be-2-Queen pillows.

3. 95%-to-5% Natural Duck to Feather Ratio

Pacific Coast has armed the Double Down Around with handpicked feathers and clusters with the fluffiest and most comfortable support. Natural down and duck feathers have the light horny waterproof layer creating the external natural insulator for birds.

It maintains the ideal body warmth by keeping warm air in and cold air out. Though inferior to goose down, duck feathers have light, springy and long-lasting qualities while you don’t cough up a king’s ransom.

Natural fill outshine synthetic foam due to their lightweight, buoyant and super-resilient properties while adapting to the shape of your head. Pressure-free head and neck support nip lower back and spinal issues in the bud.

4. Hyper-Clean & Allergen-Free

The Double Down Around fill has undergone factory-cleaning in an environmentally-clean setting. Pacific Coast applies branded detergents to flush out all dirt, allergens, and dust. Multi-cleaning phases prescribed by industry regulator meet international standards on Turbidity and Oxygen tests.

Fat, oil, viruses, and fecal matter compose allergen impurities. You won’t sneeze as you get a cradle as its cleanliness complies with Federal requirements through rigid factory washing. Pacific Coast backs this up with an allergen-free warranty. The industry-approved tests for feather or down filling make it safe for use by all sleepers, even if you’ve asthma, hypersensitivity or respiratory issues.

5. 550 Fill Power

Technically speaking, Fill Power refers to a unit of the amount of room one ounce of down takes up in cubic inches if permitted to hit its optimum loft. Ounce to ounce, down fill packs the most excellent natural insulator that efficiently traps tiny pockets of air permeable and thermal-sensitive for a warmth barrier.

Tipping the scales at 550 Fill Power, Double Down Around pillows have superior warmth retention. The loft traps more air equipping the cushion with better thermal-resistant and insulating properties. Its extra warm and firm due to its higher fill power.

The pillow tots up anti-microbial fills with luxurious warmth and heavenly sleep. It has proportionate down to feather ratio for warmth, shiftless distribution, and bulk.

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Why should you use Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow?

1. Fine Craftsmanship & Design

The Double Down Around excellent artistry, sound quality, and pillow-a-pillow design, its elegance and pop infuse a unique taste to the style of your bedroom. 1.5” Gusset, cotton twill and navy blue printed cording further adorn interior decor with a touch of romance and plush without the texture of sharp quills.

2. Firm, Yet Warm

You can count on its hyper-clean natural down and feather fill encased by a soft 300-thread-count cotton cambric cover. The balanced duck down to feather ratio offers a strong blend of plump fill with a firmer and supportive surface. It hugs you with ultimate support while cradling your head in multiple positioning.

3. Lightweight & Fluffy

Duck down, and feathers rank below geese super-massive clusters but serve up superiority than other types of plumage. You will find the material lightweight and pliable as to align and reshape in tandem with your body curves. Down-pillow sleepers have lately reported ergonomic neck and shoulder support with reduced risk of ache, pressure points, and stiffness along the spine.

4. Durable and Long-Lasting

Duck down offers a natural insulator that replicates the thermal-efficient and insulation properties of bird plumage. The material can withstand ravages while it will provide long-lasting support with proper care and cleaning infrequently. Plus, you will not grapple with irregular shapes or weakened loft with natural down.

5. Hypoallergenic, Allergen-Free Natural Fill

To preempt allergic reactions, Double Down Around pillows undergo stringent cleaning to eliminate dust, oils, fat, organic impurities and odor. Most people fall prey to dust mites lurking in the filling, the cotton barrier and hyper-cleaning diminishes allergic risks.

  • Natural insulator from duck down and feathers warmer and lighter than other types of fills
  • Durable than synthetic foam, turkey, and chicken fillings
  • 500 Fill Power-it remains fluffy for a longer duration
  • Super-plush, quills-free cotton cambric
  • Hyper-clean, hypoallergenic natural duck down and feather filling suitable for allergy-prone sleepers
  • Proprietary pillow-in-a-pillow design blends firm and steady support with the lavish comfort of 550 fill power
  • Lightweight, ultra-soft and encased in an air permeable 100% 300TC cotton twill with a satiny luster
  • 500 Fill Power offers more density, firmness, and thickness for luxurious comfort and support
  • Duck down filling tends to accumulate mildew and mold if not properly washed and tumble dried

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often do you need to clean them for hygiene and shine?

Once in a month as it guarantees 30-day round comfort, use a pillow protector to deter stains and dust.

  1. I just received the package in a box, should I re-fluff before use?

No, you can use for thirty days before cleaning.

  1. How would you rate its softness?

Ultra-soft, it has no sharp feathery quills due to the plush cotton cambric.

  1. Pacific Coast makes the Double Down Around Pillows in three options: Soft, Medium & Firm- which is this listing?

It’s medium, but Queen Size set.

  1. I have class-style military-based down pillows and consider myself a purist for this class, does it make an equivalently?


Final Verdict

Don’t make a fetish of goose filling; our Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow Review unlocks a duck-infused preference with a luxuriously comfortable feel at a snip of the cost of high-end products.

You can’t resist the temptation to dive your face into the blend of plumped up natural duck down and feathers that strike a perfect balance between softness and structure. From the award-winning Pacific Coast, the pillow has a pillow-in-a-pillow construction and top-brass artistry with delicate details.

They enrich your contemporary taste and blend in your beddings impeccably. Duck down has better insulation, thermal-efficiency and supportive nucleus that aligns with body movement. The exterior cambric’s 100% cotton creates a crisp, ultra-soft feel against the skin.

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